Geomatics, Surveying, Landscape Architects and Environmental Science

Site planning; site assessment; utilities design; grading plans; sediment and erosion control planning; stormwater management assessment, planning and design; construction inspection.

Landscape Architecture
Site analysis; Landscape Design and planning; Streetscape design and planning.

Environmental Science
Tidal and Non-tidal Delineation and Plan Preparation; Wetlands Mitigation,  Wetlands Restoration, Wetlands Creation Design; Forest Stand Delineation including plan preparation; Forest Conservation Plans; Forest Conservation and Wetland Mitigation Monitoring; Stormwater Management Facility Water Quality Design / Pollutant Treatment Wetlands including planting design, specifications and cost estimates; Bioretention Facility Design; Geomorphic Stream System Channel Stability Assessment; Stream Restoration Design; Stream Bank Stabilization Design; Benthic Community Assessment (aquatic insect sampling).

Boundary Surveys; Topographic Surveys; Construction and Engineering Surveys; Precise Control Surveys; As-built or Post Construction Surveys; Wetlands and Forest Stand Mapping; Control Surveys for LIS and GIS applications and maps; Design of Measurement Specifications for Various Surveys; Development of Relative Geometric positional and other Accuracy Needs for LIS and GIS.

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