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The Associates

J. Finley Ransone, RLS - President & CEO, Founder and Principle

Education: Catonsville Community College, A.A in Land Surveying Technology, June 1976.
Licensure: Licensed Land Surveyor, Maryland 1977
Experience: 42 years of substantial experience in the surveying and construction industries. Founded J. Finley Ransone & Associates, Inc. in 1983. Company performed over 2,311 major survey projects and 16.753 minor survey projects including property surveys, topographic surveys, control surveys, engineering surveys and land development projects for both commercial and residential projects over the past 23 years.
Personal: Adjunct faculty member of Catonsville Community College, taught accredited courses in the Engineering and Surveying Department from 1976 through 1993. Veteran of the United States Army with 12 years of active and reserve service, honorably discharged 1979. Disability based on wounds received on combat operations in the Republic of Vietnam.
Membership: Maryland Society of Surveyors (MSS), American Congress of Surveyors and Mappers (ACSM), National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS).

Kenneth E. McCabe, LLA, CPWS - Vice President

Education: Ohio State University, BS Landscape Architecture, June 1958.
Licensure: Licensed Landscape Architect, Maryland 1971, Virginia 2003.Certified Professional Wetland Scientist, 1983.
Experience: 43 years of substantial experience relative to Landscape Architectural design, including initial site analysis, site planning, and planting design for State, Federal, County and private land development and construction projects. 23 years experience providing ecological analysis and design pertinent to both tidal and non-tidal wetlands, forested areas, stream systems, and various facilities involving water quality  functions. Expert in the requirements, applications and plan preparations in accordance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual; the Maryland Department of the  Environment manuals regarding Design Guidelines for Stormwater Management Facilities, Maryland Guidelines for Waterway Construction, Maryland State DNR Forest Conservation manual, and the Maryland State Highway Administration Office of Environmental Design guidelines as well as numerous county wetlands and forest conservation manuals.
Personal: Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, honorably discharged in 1962.
Memberships: n/a

David S. Sofsky, P.E.
- Principle Engineer

Education: Johns Hopkins University, BS in Civil Engineering, May, 1979
Licensure: Licensed Professional Engineer, Maryland and Delaware.
Experience: 30 years of substantial professional experience providing technical expertise in design and planning related to engineering and environmental services for both residential and commercial land development projects. Working as primary consultant for land developers, builders, and contractors performing site evaluations and concept studies; preparing site plans for building permits; designing grading and sediment control measures, designing stormwater management facilities for construction, waivers, pond design and as-built certifications, and providing all necessary plans  for subdivision approval processing.
Memberships: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

J. Willoughby, P.A. - Principle Architect

Education: Maryland Institute College of Art, BA in Architecture, 1975
Experience: 35 years of substantial professional experience in the construction industry related to the application of architectural concepts and principles; contract management, engineering construction contract preparation, budget development, construction estimating, master planning, environmental principles, project management, project engineering, construction Administration, Quality Assurance, and other unique building modification and construction experience.
Memberships: American Institute of Architects (AIA), Society of American Military Engineers (SAME), National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)

Barry E. Haederer, C.S.T.
- Chief of Surveys

Education: AA Civil Engineering Technology, Penn State University, 1989.
Licensure: Certified by ACSM/NSPS as Engineering Survey Technician / Maryland State certified in Sediment & Erosion Control, 1981.
Experience: 40 years of substantial professional experience in the field as project engineer, surveying, design-build construction and construction management. 15 years of military engineering and construction management experience with T&M Construction, U.S. Navy as Engineer and U.S Postal Service, Facilities Management.
Projects: Abrams Tank Command Headquarters (T and M) Awarded by SAME, Aberdeen Recreational Complex  (Holmes and Narver) Certificate of Appreciation (Commanding Major General), US Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command Headquarters (T & M) Commendation by Major General, US Army  John C. Doesburg.
Memberships: Society of American Military Engineers (SAME), National Association of Professional Estimators, American Congress of Surveying & Mapping, National Society of Professional Surveyors.

H. C. 'Skip' Harclerode II, P.E.
- Associate

University of Maryland College Park, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, January 1970 / University of Maryland College Park, M.S. in Chemical Engineering, August 1971 / Additional coursework at University College, Towson University and Johns Hopkins University
Licensure: Licensed Professional Engineer, Maryland 1977. Also licensed in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey
Experience: 35 years of substantial experience in industrial, commercial, construction industries and the public sector including design work in mechanical, electrical, structural, process design, environmental compliance and related fields. 15 years experience providing project management and design engineering services to three industrial chemical industries. 8 years experience operating a $3.5 million dollar mechanical/general contracting company.  15 years experience operating an engineering firm, KBD Engineering Company, Inc. providing design and consulting engineering services for industrial, commercial and governmental clients.  Expert in industrial ventilation systems, biological lab ventilation systems, specialized HVAC systems such as operating rooms, infectious disease isolation, clean rooms, pharmaceutical production facilities, etc., environmental certifications and compliance issues, mechanical/electrical design, structural design and chemical process and control design.
Personal:  NSPE Congressional Fellow - Office of U.S. Senator Pete V. Domenici, Maryland State Board for Professional Engineers
Memberships: National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), Maryland Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE), American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE) - Life Member, American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), National Council of Examiners of Engineers and Land Surveyors (NCEES)

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